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I'm going to Radio Shack to buy one of those headsets like the broadcasters use. It seems as soon as you put them on, you get 100 times smarter.

Nick Leyva
Philadelphia Phillies

You've got these smaller ballparks. Give me four more Wrigley Fields to hit in when I played and see what kind of numbers I would have put up. How many of the balls that I hit to the warning track would've been in six rows deep at Coors Field? At my peak I probably averaged about 38 homers a season. If I played today I'd probably average about 53. So if you weigh one of my old homers it might be equal to about 1.4 of today's.

After the 2000 season
Michael Jack "Mike" Schmidt
Philadelphia Phillies

Don't all leave at once. Leave in groups of twos and threes. They're selling rocks out there at a dollar a pail and this way they can't get us all at once.

Upon returning to Philadelphia after a road trip in which their final game, the second of a double-header, resulted in a victory that ended a 23-game losing streak, and seeing several hundred diehard fans awaiting them at the airport in the wee hours

August 21, 1961
Frank Sullivan
Philadelphia Phillies

Y'know everybody says I have good hands and everything. But the thing that makes a good shortstop is the footwork involved. If you have good footwork, if you can get to the ball, you can set up and get your body out of the way so you can make the throw, I think that's the most important thing.

In 1978
Lawrence Robert "Larry" Bowa
Philadelphia Phillies

Ichiro (Suzuki) makes that team run. They've got veteran players they can really depend on in Edgar (Martinez) and (John) Olerud. (Carlos) Guillen has been better at shortstop than he was at third. David Bell doesn't get the credit he deserves. (Mike) Cameron is a really good player. But these are not front-page headline guys. This is not a team of controversy. They just play.

On the record 116-victory 2001 Seattle Mariners

Gordon Lakey
Philadelphia Phillies

You hold it like this and throw the shit out of it.

To fellow Phillies pitcher Dick Ruthven on how to throw a slider

Steven Norman "Steve" Carlton
Philadelphia Phillies

It's bad luck to be superstitious.

David Raymond "Dave" Coggin
Philadelphia Phillies

I would walk down the lockers and Tug would see me coming and announce real loudly, "L.C., are you pitching today?" I'd say "Yes." And he'd shout, "So am I!" That was the ritual.

On teammate (1975-83) and former Phillies relief pitcher Tug McGraw

June 29, 2003
Larry Richard "L.C." Christenson
Philadelphia Phillies
Starting Pitcher

I've never seen a crowd leave a no-hitter early.

Countering the claim that offense has taken over the game of baseball

Terry Mulholland
Philadelphia Phillies

We were given bats instead of rattles.

The Hall-Of-Famer on his upbringing in Cleveland with brothers Frank, Jim, Joe and Tom, all of whom also played in the major leagues

Edward James "Big Ed" Delahanty
Philadelphia Phillies

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