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Black Baseball's Negro Baseball Leagues - A great resource.

John Skilton's - One of the finest baseball related sites out there. Our Thanks to John for linking us up nearly five years ago.

Netshrine - A Gallery of our National Pastime's Best

The Negro League Baseball Museum - Another great baseball resource.

The Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center - How could we not do our civic duty...


Ballparks By Munsey & Suppes - If you are having trouble trying to remember what all the ballparks are like, take a look at this fine site.

Other links of interest

Ed Herrmann - SupHerrmann was nice enough to send us a quote from his playing days.

Steve's Umpire and Officials Baseball Resource - A "comprehensive and entertaining" umpire resource page.


The Bayerischer Baseball und Softball Verband e.V. - A site around nearly as long as ours, has always had plenty of quotes.

Wayne's Baseball Pages - Always a good stop for the baseball quote fan

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