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In the game of baseball, there are a myriad of people who make the game our national pastime. The players on the field, the coaches, the umpires, the ballboys, groundkeepers, hawkers, ushers, announcers and writers all blended together, each role played out in infinite variation.

The fans are part of the game, perhaps the reason for the game, and the fans contribute to this medley of experience as well.

When someone from baseball passes, we mourn the loss to the game, for we know or try to know what they meant to us in the context of baseball.

Well sports fans, we suffer a great loss today. One of the great fans has gone on to the next game. A Yankee fan his whole career, Edward Lindsey Hetherington will be cheering Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, Mantle and the rest of his favorites in the home opener in that second season.

Statistically speaking, Eddie and his Yankees had a great run. 34 pennants, 24 world series over nearly 90 years. A true fan of the old game, his Yankee Stadium was filled with cigar smoke, and far fences, a hatred of the Red Sox and shelling peanuts while peering around posts. Day games before the monuments, then while the monuments were in play, watching his team play through the generations.

He passed along his skills as fan, like a veteran infielder would show a rookie shortstop, to his family and friends. It is to him that this site is dedicated. A monument, built, not of brass in the house that Ruth built, but of thoughts and aspirations and the love of the game by one of his greatest fans.

Jack Hetherington
March 26, 1999

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