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If free isn't good enough, I have nothing else to say.

With the 2000 season getting underway and no English-language radio deal in place for Expos games, on having no takers for his offer to give away the season on radio such that the station can keep all advertising revenue

Jeffrey Loria
Montreal Expos

There aren't any hits in the handle, so I got rid of it.

Explaining as his career progressed why he choked up more and more on the bat until his hands were six inches above the knob, gradually standing closer and closer to the plate and ultimately leading the league in HBP seven straight seasons

Ronald Kenneth "Ron" Hunt
Montreal Expos

In football I was a running back, so in the NFL my career would have probably lasted six or seven years and in baseball I ended up playing 23 years. In baseball you can play a long time so I think it's better when you think of it in that way.

In discussing how he once preferred playing football over baseball

Timothy "Tim" Raines
Montreal Expos
HOF 2017; a.k.a., "Rock"

No, he's not down here. Maybe he's in the bullpen.

To a guy who came down from the stands to the dugout saying that he's a good friend of Mike Marshall's and asked to speak with him (the guy thanked Mike and headed off towards the bullpen)

Michael Grant "Mike" Marshall
Montreal Expos

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