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There is nothing like the bring to the surface the jealousies and rivalries existing between towns having contending teams; something about the game is certain to tear open old sores and stir up ancient animosities apparently long forgotten. Especially is this true in minor leagues and "out in the bush" where not infrequently it appears to the chance stranger that whole towns -- men, women and children -- have gone baseball crazy. It is in such places that one may see the game, as a game, at its best -- and its worst. Here victory or defeat assumes a tragic importance that must seem laughable to the ordinary city fan; the former being frequently the cause of rejoicing and celebrating, sometimes with fireworks and brass bands, while the latter will cast over the community a cloud of gloom which could be equaled only by an appalling catastrophe. This intensity of feeling and emotion may scarcely be understood by a person who has never followed with individual interest the fortunes of a backwoods team, tasting the sweet intoxication of triumph, hard earned and contested to the last ditch, or the heartbreaking bitterness of defeat and shattered hopes.

In 1914
Burt L. Standish
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Author of baseball books

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