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The autocratic, penurious major league owners of the (1920's) era tightly restricted the salary scale, and it was not uncommon for marginal players to enjoy greater earning power with just the right minor league club. Indeed, Pacific Coast League players, who received more paychecks because of baseball's longest schedule, sometimes balked at "promotion" to the big leagues. An article in Baseball Magazine for February 1922 described the independent attitude of many Class AA owners (Double-A was the highest classification in the minors, shared by the International League, American Association and the Pacific Coast League): "This word 'minor' is distasteful to the AA moguls for they contend they are not 'minors' and this contention is bolstered by several facts chief among which are that some of their cities are larger than some cities in the Major Leagues, that Sunday baseball is played by all, that their teams make money on the road, and that many of their players, the greatest majority of whom have seen service in the majors, draw higher salaries in the minor than they did in the major." A minor league organization could build and maintain a roster of dynamic capacities.

Bill O'Neal
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From "The International League: 125 Years of Baseball"

Baseball stadiums are the only athletic facilities called "parks." The national pastime is still that, a pastime, which intersperses moments of brilliant individual plays with time to relax and contemplate player shifts on the field, anticipated developments such as a tiring pitcher or a sacrifice bunt, and similar nuances of the game. The liesurely pace of baseball is in direct contrast to the fanatical violence of football and the frenetic pace of basketball. A major part of the seductive attraction of baseball is following the home team through a long season, becoming familiar with each player, enjoying the camaraderie of fellow fans -- all at a friendly park which becomes a home away from home during six months of scheduled play.

Bill O'Neal
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Baseball Author

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