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I've got my master's degree in marketing, and I don't suppose my professors would give me high marks for opportunism, with so much being offered for the ball. But I'm not at all sorry. What made it worthwhile was what I saw when I ran in with the ball holding it in my gloved hand, running really fast -- in fact my teammates joked afterward that it was the fastest I'd run in a couple of years -- really just wanting to get rid of it, to put it in Henry's hand. In that great crowd around home plate I found him looking over his mother's shoulder, hugging her to him, and suddenly I saw what many people have never been able to see in him -- deep emotion. I looked and he had tears hanging on his lids. I could hardly believe it. "Hammer, here it is," I said. I put the ball in his hand. He said, "Thanks, kid," and touched me on the shoulder. I kept staring at him. And it was then that it was brought home to me what this home run meant, not only to him, but to all of us.

On catching Hank Aaron's record-breaking 715th home run ball in the Braves bullpen

Thomas Ross "Tom" House
Atlanta Braves
Relief Pitcher

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