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I never threw a "heavy" ball. My pitch started just above my head and leg to about my shoulders. I most used fastballs and a change of pace. My control was good, so when I used a curve it would break right around the man's knees. I never used no freak balls, less I seen the other feller doing it. Then I might take a piece of emery and rub a spot on the ball about the size of a dime. That pitch would do tricks. Did I use that pitch every game, I'd never have lost. Not once. Once in a while I tried a knuckler, but no spitter. I just didn't like that pitch. I pitched a lot of good ball in my time. I'da been in the majors, too, if'n my hair wasn't so curly. Anything but colored, I'da made it. I don't know why it is they give us such a hard time. We all the same really. We all sit on that old common denominator.

The Hall of Fame pitcher reminiscing about his long Negro League career which didn't come to an end until he was 46 in 1932

Joseph "Joe" Williams
Homestead Grays
a.k.a. "Cyclone", "Smokey"
HOF 1999

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