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Baseball isn't usually like this.

At a Mets game in their inaugural season at the Polo Grounds when the visiting Dodgers scored 12 runs between the second and the sixth innings, to his 14-year-old daughter who replied, "Sometimes it is. This is like the fifth grade against the sixth grade at school."

May 30, 1962
Roger Angell
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Baseball Writer & Author

The basic Tiant repertoire seems to include:

(1) Call the Osteopath -- In midpitch, the man suffers an agonizing seizure in the central cervical region, which he attempts to fight off with a sharp backward twist of the head.

(2) Out of the Woodshed -- Just before releasing the ball, he steps over a raised sill and simultaneously ducks his head to avoid conking it on the low doorframe.

(3) The Runaway Taxi -- Before the pivot, he sees a vehicle bearing down on him at top speed, and pulls back his entire upper body just in time to avoid a nasty accident.

(4) Falling Off the Fence -- An attack of vertigo nearly causes him to topple over backward on the mound. Strongly suggests a careless dude on the top rung of the corral.

(5) The Low-Flying Plane (a subtle development and amalgam of 1, 3, and 4, above) -- While he is pivoting, an F-105 buzzes the ball park, passing over the infield from the third-base to the first-base side at a height of eighty feet. He follows it all the way with his eyes.

Describing the style of Red Sox RHP Luis Tiant's pitch delivery

Roger Angell
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Baseball Writer & Author

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