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It feels like we haven't played in 10 years.

To a teammate after a scheduled day off

Jim Edmonds
St. Louis Cardinals

I don't think anybody's bigger than the game. We're all very fortunate to wear our uniforms. As baseball players, we owe everything to the game; the game doesn't owe us anything.

Craig Alan Biggio
Houston Astros
HOF 2015

The New York Times

Contributed by: Mike Santarcangelo

We know we're idiots, we know we're cowboys, but we also know we're world champions.

Upon sweeping the Cardinals in the 2004 World Series

Johnny David Damon
Boston Red Sox

We played baseball just like the big boys. I broke up double plays with spikes held high and we stole bases in our skirts. We did whatever it took to win.

Thelma "Tiby" Eisen
Fort Wayne Daisies
All-American Girls Baseball League

Frank slid into third base hard -- like he always does no matter what the score may be -- into Eddie Matthews. Matthews jumped on top of Frank and punched him in the eye. It swelled out to here and nobody thought Frank could possibly play the second game of a double header that day. But when the game started, there was Frank in the lineup. Not only did he hit a home run to win the game, but he also made a catch and fell into the left field stands -- on a ball that Matthews hit, incidentally -- that saved the game. He got a standing ovation, and I guess that's one of the biggest thrills I've ever felt in baseball.

Speaking of teammate Frank Robinson

Vada Edward Pinson
Cincinnati Reds

They wanted me to play third base like Brooks. So I did play like Brooks -- Mel Brooks.

Andrew James "Andy" Van Slyke
St. Louis Cardinals

How the hell does a newspaperman know about a ballplayer? How the hell do they vote on a man for the Hall of Fame, anyhow? I can't figure it.

Edd J. Roush
Cincinnati Reds
HOF 1962

The fans come to see me strike out, hit a home run, or run into a fence. I try to accommodate them at least one way every game.

With a clear grasp of his strengths and weaknesses

James Gorman "Gorman" Thomas
Milwaukee Brewers

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