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Not only will I be changing diapers at home, now I will be changing them in the clubhouse.

38 year old Marlins outfielder and father of three children 6 and younger, on the youthful look of Florida's roster

James Michael Eisenreich
Florida Marlins
Bergen Record 4-5-98

You know that saying, that you learn more from defeats than victories. Then we're going to become Einsteins. We're going to be rocket scientists. We're going to find a cure for cancer.

John Boles
Florida Marlins
Contributed by: Jonathan Chapman

I'm always angry in the ninth inning, very angry. When the bullpen door opens and lets me out, I'm like a snorting bull you see in a rodeo. This game is over. This game is mine. Nothing is getting in my way.

Antonio Alfonseca
Florida Marlins

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