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Satchel -- Satchel Paige!! Now THAT mother-(bleep) could PITCH!

With eyes lit up and a big smile, answering an interviewer's question about what it was like to catch for his old batterymate

In 2005 around his 103rd birthday
Theodore Roosevelt "Ted Double-Duty" Radcliffe
Kansas City Monarchs

Shed no tears for Buck. I couldn't attend Sarasota High School. That hurt. I couldn't attend the University of Florida. That hurt. But not going into the Hall of Fame, that ain't going to hurt me that much, no. Before, I wouldn't even have a chance. But this time I had that chance. Just keep loving old Buck.

The 94-year-old addressing a group that had assembled for what was scheduled to be a celebration of O'Neil's election into baseball's Hall of Fame in February, 2006 (he fell one vote short of election)

John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil
Kansas City Monarchs

It's funny. The bullpen is a closed environment, but I get a sense of freedom there that I don't get in the dugout or clubhouse. I guess I just like being locked in a closet, taking verbal abuse from a lot of hostile people.

Daniel Raymond "Dan" Quisenberry
Kansas City Royals
a.k.a. "Quiz", "Q"

Who's gonna straighten out 2500 ball games in my head? How many cow pastures you played on, Satchel? they wanna know. How many bus rides you took? Who put the spike scars on your shinbone? Why is your feet flat? Who was it offered you $50 to pitch a triple-header that time? Man, the past is a long and twisty road.

As he was finishing up his major league career, said about all the questioning that came his way

Leroy Robert "Satchel" Paige
Kansas City Monarchs

No, actually I want to give it away. If the hitters know it's coming, I'm hoping they'll change the swings that got them to the big leagues.

When asked if he tried to disguise his knuckleball

Daniel Raymond "Dan" Quisenberry
Kansas City Royals
a.k.a. "Quiz", "Q"

Prior to 1983, I was always ridiculed at ballparks about an ailment I had during the 1980 World Series. Now, since 1983, I'm always known as the Pine Tar Guy. Now what you you rather be known as?

Referring to the infamous Pine Tar Game of 1983; who'd want to be remembered as the Hemorrhoids Guy?

George Howard Brett
Kansas City Royals

I tell him, "Attaway to hit, George."

When asked what advice he gives George Brett on hitting

In 1981
James Gottfried "Jim" Frey
Kansas City Royals

If you cheer strike one, strike two might be over the wall. I always wait for strike three.

Frank White
Kansas City Royals

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