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There is a catcher that any big league club would love. His name is Gibson...he can do everything. He hits the ball a mile. And he catches so easy he might as well be in a rocking chair. Throws like a rifle. Too bad this Gibson is a colored fellow.

On Josh Gibson, Catcher for the Kansas City Monarchs

Walter Perry "Big Train" Johnson
Washington Senators
HOF 1936

This boy throws so fast you can't see 'em, and he knows where he is throwing, because if he didn't, there would be dead bodies all over Idaho.

On Walter Johnson before he joined the Washington Senators

Note: There is currently some debate on the attribution of this quote. Joe "Mickie" Shea, pitcher - second baseman in the California league, is perhaps the originator.

Joseph D. "Joe" Cantillion
Washington Senators

Fans like home runs. And we have assembled a pitching staff to please our fans.

Clark Calvin Griffith
Washington Senators
HOF 1947

You can shake a dozen glove men out of a tree, but the bat separates the men from the boys.

Richard Dale Long
Washington Senators

There's a certain amount of luck, and a certain amount of talent. If you put it all together, you can have a big year like I had in '46 (batting .353). When you see the ball dropping just inside the foul lines instead of just outside them, or when you see fielders just missing balls instead of just catching them, then you know that it's luck that helps your average.

James Barton "Mickey" Vernon
Washington Senators

The Hall (of Fame) has lost some of its meaning and much of its glory in recent years. (It) should be reserved strictly for the best, for the ultra-ultra. To be a credit to the game of baseball, a man need not have got off a record number of wisecracks or assembled a record number of feature stories. There are a lot of colorful palookas. Today many of the so-called sluggers couldn't steal a base if they were alone in the park. They are not expected to throw too well or run too fast as long as they can belt the ball out of the park when their one moment of usefulness arrives. The idea of being a team member sometimes is lost completely.

In 1959
Joseph Ignatius "Joe" Judge
Washington Senators
a.k.a. "The Other Washington Monument"

I could hear the ball. I just couldn't see it.

On facing Cleveland pitcher Bob Feller

Richard Benjamin "Rick" Ferrell
Washington Senators
HOF 1984

It's not the Yankees I'm ag'in'. It's just the idea of preserving a monopoly by means of money. If we let those rich men run things the way that only they can afford to run them, what's going to become of baseball? You want John D. Rockerfeller to come into baseball and win the pennant every year?

In 1940
Clark Calvin Griffith
Washington Senators
HOF 1947

The only guy to make eight outs in seven at-bats and finally get a standing ovation for it.

In a doubleheader against the Red Sox striking out a record six consecutive times, then grounding into a double play to end his strikeout streak

July 9, 1965
Frank Oliver Howard
Washington Senators
a.k.a., "The Capital Punisher"

If I had a gun, I would have shot the little pest a hundred times. Every time we played against Newark they murdered us.

As manager of Class AAA Buffalo, speaking about Yogi Berra when he was playing in the minors

Stanley Raymond "Bucky" Harris
Washington Senators

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