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He starts into the hitting area slow, then it slows down more.

On Garth Brooks' swing

Mervin Weldon "Merv" Rettenmund
Atlanta Braves
Hitting Coach

He hacks. He's up there, he's definitely going to hit. Where's his comfort zone? A thrown baseball. He welcomes that challenge.

On Red Sox 3B Nomar Garciapara's batting prowess

Rick Down
Boston Red Sox
Hitting Coach

You know all this [bleep] thatís going on around the world, weather-wise, well, weíre seeing it in Arlington. The jet stream at The Ballpark ainít what it used to be. Thatís changing. I think itíll help our arms. Itís true.

Explaining how Rangers Ballpark in Arlington will turn into a pitchers' nirvana because of global warming causing changes in the air flow

March 1, 2009
Rudy Jaramillo
Texas Rangers
Hitting Coach

I tell them all, "Guess fastball." You can adjust to a curveball, a knuckleball, a slider, or a change off the fastball, but it's tough to guess a curveball, a knuckleball, a slider or a change, and then hit the fastball. I believe most pitchers will throw the fastball six out of ten times. So six out of ten times I'm sitting on dead red and knowing I still have a chance at the others... You can count the good breaking-ball hitters in this league on the fingers of one hand -- well, the fingers of two hands. We're all fastball hitters in the end.

William Henry "Bill" Robinson
New York Mets
Hitting Coach

That's like asking if I'd rather be hung or go to the electric chair.

During his playing days, when asked by a reporter whether he'd rather face Tom Seaver or Jim Palmer

Mervin Weldon "Merv" Rettenmund
Atlanta Braves
Hitting Coach

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