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Sometimes you see somebody standing there watching a home run for a while, and that's not fun for a pitcher to see. It's (also) not good for a pitcher to scream at a batter after he's struck him out, or doing arm motions. I come from the old school. Hit the ball, run, throw, catch it -- that's the way the game should be played.

In discussing ballplayers showing up other players

Jesse Russell Orosco
Baltimore Orioles

I'll never be considered one of the all-time greats, maybe not even one of the all-time goods. But I'm one of the all-time survivors.

James Lee "Jim" Kaat
New York Yankees
a.k.a. "Kitty"

Baseball players are smarter than football players. How often do you see a baseball team penalized for too many men on the field?

James Alan "Jim" Bouton
New York Yankees

When I knocked a guy down, there was no second part to the story.

On batters retalliating after being hit by a pitch

Pack Robert "Bob" Gibson
St. Louis Cardinals

I don't want any of those guys hitting the ball back at me. The mound is my office, and I don't like my office being disturbed. They talk about us throwing the ball 90 miles an hour at the batter, but they don't talk about those line drives that come shooting back at us twice as fast.

Early Wynn
Chicago White Sox

Ted Williams. That'll get him mad as hell.

When asked by a reporter who his baseball idol was when he was a kid (Wynn was born only about 15 months after Williams)

Early Wynn
Chicago White Sox

He was serious about every pitch, every game. He liked to have fun, but he was tough to get along with on the days he was pitching. Hitters knew it. He'd throw at anybody, whether it was Joe DiMaggio or Ted Williams.

On White Sox Pitcher Early Wynn

Melvyn Leroy Harder
Cleveland Indians

The no-hitter is nice, but I need to keep an even keel. We still have a lot ahead. I'm going to call my mom, maybe brag a bit. But tomorrow, it's back to work.

On hurling his first no-hitter, during his eighth season in professional baseball

Gino Caruso
Schaumburg Flyers
independent Northern League

It only took me 21 runs and five years to get a win here.

After Pettitte's first win in The Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, a 21 to 3 drubbing of the Rangers.

Andrew Eugene Pettitte
New York Yankees
Contributed by: Min

We're getting some of our personnel back. But you wonder if you brought in Henry Aaron and Lefty Grove if it would make a difference.

On his team's hapless 1999 season

Timothy Wayne "Tim" Belcher
Anaheim Angels

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