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It can be life or death in the fire service and it definitely felt like life and death on the ballfield.

On training to become a firefighter.

Allan Lee Anderson
Minnesota Twins

When you're through learning, you're through.

Vernon Sanders Law
Pittsburgh Pirates

I'm throwing twice as hard but the ball is getting there half as fast.

On aging

Vernon "Lefty" Gomez
New York Yankees

Just because I have money, does that make me any different from these guys here?

On bartending in his bar and grill in Pennsauken, PA.

Mitchell Steven "Wild Thing" Williams
Philadelphia Phillies

If Satch and I were pitching on the same team, we'd cinch the pennant by July 4 and go fishing until World Series time.

On Satchel Paige.

Jay Hanna "Dizzy" Dean
St. Louis Cardinals

The lefthander's first good look at the leftfield wall, the Green Monster in Fenway, is an automatic reason for massive depression. And that's when it's viewed from the dugout.

William Francis "Bill" Lee
Boston Red Sox
a.k.a. Spaceman

Contributed by: A baseball fan

Nellie was the toughest out for me. In twelve years I struck him out once, and I think the umpire blew the call.

On Nellie Fox.

Edward Charles "Whitey" Ford
New York Yankees

The older they get, the better they were when they were younger.

On Old Timers Days. Editors note: Jim Bouton was invited to return to Yankee Stadium on July 26, 1998 for his first Old Timers Game after a 30 year absence. Good game too!

James Alan "Jim" Bouton
New York Yankees
Ball Four by Jim Bouton

Always root for the winner. That way you won't be disappointed.

Frank Edwin "Tug" McGraw
New York Mets

I did it for the wife and kids.

on his participation in the 1919 'Black Sox' World Series fix.

Edward Victor "Eddie" Cicotte
Chicago White Sox
Contributed by: Lee Gibbs

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