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There was absolutely no reason to dislike him, and nobody did.

On Lou Gehrig

Fred Leib
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Baseball isn't statistics, it's Joe DiMaggio rounding second base.

Jimmy Breslin
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The National League's most feared offense turned out to be as harmless as Barney Fife's gun against Red Sox pitching.

On the Red Sox sweeping the Cardinals in the 2004 World Series with the Cardinals scoring only three runs in the final three games and hitting .190 overall

Paul Sullivan
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Triple A is baseball's bittersweet niche, a league where players fall a few steps short of a dream.

July 21, 2007
Brian Meehan
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The Oregonian

Stalwarts have hunted the charging lion, deep in the jungle veldt.

Brave men have stood to the tiger's rush seeking his costly pelt.

Hunters have tackled the elephant, never a job for clowns.

This world is packed with its daring deeds -- but Veeck has purchased the Browns.

Bill Veeck's purchase of the St. Louis Browns in 1951 inspiring new heights of poetic awe

Grantland Rice
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1880 - 1954

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