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In batting practice, I don't think I hit one ball hard. It was frustrating, that bat was no good.

Bichette hit for the cycle after flinging into the stands the bat he was using for batting practice.

Alphonse Dante Bichette
Colorado Rockies

Nobody interviews me unless I get my brains beat in. That means I get interviewed, what, about 45 times a year?

Michael Dwain "Mike" DeJean
Colorado Rockies
Relief Pitcher

If I can't live off $12-million, there are serious problems.

Taking a shot at Texas Rangers OF Juan Gonzalez's refusing a contract similar to his $12-million-a-year deal

Larry Walker
Colorado Rockies

(Getting hit by a pitch) is like getting a base hit. When I go down to first, it's the pitcher's loss....Nobody wants to go in and get dirty. Drop a bunt if you have to. Draw some blood if you have to. Whatever it takes to get a win, you should be out trying to do.

Larry Walker
Colorado Rockies

You've got to walk from that dugout knowing you're going to put a good swing on a good pitch and you're going to hit this ball hard. You walk from the dugout to the on-deck circle and every time the pitcher looks on-deck, you should be looking at him. You don't let him breathe. You let him know you're locked in on him from the time you leave the dugout. Then when you walk to the plate, you walk like you can hit. You carry the bat in a positive fashion. You have good body language. You're not beat up. You're not letting your last at-bat leak over, and you're a warrior. You're walking like a man to the plate with a job to do. And it's a one-on-one confrontation. You're going to let it all hang out right there and then. When that one's over, it's wrapped up and put away and you start getting ready for the next one.

Clinton Merrick "Clint" Hurdle
Colorado Rockies
Batting Coach

You'll hear in scouting reports: "This guy doesn't like being in close games." Everybody's been hammered at one time or another. You have a bad year and suddenly people think you can't perform in pressure situations. I don't think there is a pitcher in this league who doesn't want to be out there when the game's on the line.

Gerard Peter "Jerry" Dipoto
Colorado Rockies

It's all about the home runs these days. You need home run hitters, but I think you also need baseball players. I don't have the best tools in the world, but I think I'm a good baseball player.

Spring, 2001
Jeff Cirillo
Colorado Rockies

I had an argument with a coach in Triple-A about Babe Ruth’s effectiveness in today’s game. I said, ‘Babe Ruth, with that swing, swinging that bat, I got him hitting .140 with eight homers.' He was like, ‘Are you nuts? Babe Ruth would hit .370 with 60 homers,’ and I’m like, ‘I would strike Babe Ruth out every time.’ I’m not trying to disrespect him, you know, rest in peace, you know, shout out to Babe Ruth. But, it was a different game, I mean the guy ate hot dogs and drank beer and did whatever he did. It was just a different game.

After the 2018 season
Adam Ottavino
Colorado Rockies
Relief Pitcher
a.k.a. "Otto"'s "Statcast Podcast"

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