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There may have been guys who hit more home runs, there may have been guys who played on more World Series teams, there may have been a couple who stole more bases, (but) it's hard for me to believe there has been anybody able to throw better than him. In all phases of the game, along with being durable, what he has done at his age (28), I would argue with anyone that he's the best.

On Rangers Catcher Ivan Rodriguez

Johnny Lane Oates
Texas Rangers

They're like sharks. You give them a taste of blood, they come after you.

On playing the Yankees

Johnny Lane Oates
Texas Rangers

I don't sit there and watch the clock. If you'll notice, I never wear a watch on the field. That's what's great about baseball: there's no time limit. You can be 25,000 runs behind, but you can keep hitting.

After the Rangers hosted the Indians in a game that was completed in 4:21, one minute short of the MLB mark for a nine-inning game (Texas 14, Cleveland 7)

August 31, 2000
Johnny Lane Oates
Texas Rangers

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