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Our club as a whole feels we're better without Roger. Roger isn't conducive to winning. He's more of a guy who's good at accomplishing individual goals, but he is not capable of bringing a team a championship. The proof is in the pudding. He didn't do it in Boston, he came to Toronto and he didn't do it there. The situation in New York ... it's not that he would bring a championship there, but he'd be riding coat-tails of a club that can do it without him.

On Roger Clemens

David Stewart
Toronto Blue Jays
Assistant General Manager

I'm not looking at anybody. In fact, I'm not even here. And that's off the record.

At a St. Paul Saints (independent Northern League) game when asked if he was scouting Darryl Strawberry who was on the Saints roster at the time

In 1996
Gene Bennett
Cincinnati Reds
Assistant General Manager

That's perfect for a GM, a baby to be named later.

Commenting on Tigers GM Randy Smith being late returning from an out-of-town meeting to be with his wife in time for the birth of their second child and waiting until the next day before naming their son Shane

Steve Lubratich
Detroit Tigers
Assistant General Manager

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