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Any individual who wouldn't listen to Rod Carew talk about hitting needs to have his head screwed on a different way.

David Earl "Davey" Lopes
Milwaukee Brewers

To me, you're talking about two of the best gunfighters in the old West.

Stating that it is impossible to pick between catchers Johnny Bench and Ivan Rodriguez defensively

Larry Parrish
Detroit Tigers

Today's players are only going to do what makes them more money. The agent tells his player what management is looking for and what his player is noted for. Most times it's not for hitting triples. You're either a singles hitter, a doubles hitter or a home run hitter. You never hear anyone say, 'That guy's a triples hitter.' I don't know of too many arbitration cases that have been won because the guy could hit triples.

Anthony Joseph "Tony" Muser
Kansas City Royals

He might be the best catcher I've ever seen. He could retire right now and go into the Hall of Fame. Johnny Bench had more power, but Bench never had this guy's quickness.

On Rangers catcher Ivan Rodriguez after the 1999 season

Jim Fregosi
Toronto Blue Jays
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

I would be the laughingstock of the league if I took the best left-handed pitcher in the league and put him in the outfield.

Ed Barrow
None None
Contributed by: Nick Johnson

Baseball is like church.  Many attend, but few understand.

Wes Westrum
New York Mets
Contributed by: Aaron Spiezer

I'd rather catch him.

On whether he would want to hit off fastballer Goose Gossage

Jeffrey Allen "Jeff" Torborg
Chicago White Sox

These guys play like they get paid by the hour.

Upon watching White Sox catcher Carlton Fisk saunter out to the mound after calling time

James Francis "Jimy" Williams
Boston Red Sox

I'm telling you, nothing destroys a clubhouse more than bad chemistry. Nothing.

Don Edward Baylor
Chicago Cubs

You have to be patient and let the natural progress happen. Sometimes you might have to be overqualified. We're so accustomed to rushing guys to the big leagues, then they falter and go back down to Triple A and lose their confidence.

Don Edward Baylor
Chicago Cubs

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