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You don't think about where your hands should be. You don't try to guess what the next pitch will be. You don't worry about anything. You just stand there and react. You look for the ball, and you hit the ball. It's really simple.

Describing what it is to be in a zone

Jermaine Terrell Dye
Chicago White Sox

It was going to go into the record book, regardless, as the biggest comeback ever, and the biggest choke ever. Man, they spit the hook. There was a total dichotomy between the two teams. We were finding every way in the world to win, and they were finding every way in the world to lose. We were winning in the most ridiculous ways, against the best closers and starters. They were booting the ball, throwing wild pitches. We were scratching our heads and laughing.

On the 1995 AL West title race with the Angels, who had a 13-game lead reduced to a one-game playoff at the Kingdome

Jay Campbell Buhner
Seattle Mariners
a.k.a. "Bone"

The ball came sailing right toward my chin; normally a hitter can jerk his head back a fraction and the ball will buzz by. But this pitch seemed to follow me in. I know I didn't freeze. I definitely made a move to get out of the way of the ball. In fact, I jerked my head back so hard that my helmet flipped off just before impact. When the ball was about four feet from my head I knew it would get me. And I knew it would hurt because Hamilton was such a hard thrower. I was frightened. I threw my hands up in front of my face and saw the ball follow me back and hit me square on the left side of the head. As soon as it crunched into me, it felt as if the ball would go in one side of my head and come out the other; my legs gave way and I went down like a sack of potatoes. Just before everything went dark I saw the ball bounce straight down on home plate. It was the last thing I saw for several days.

Describing a tragic beanball thrown by Angels pitcher Jack Hamilton on 8/18/1967 (a doctor later told Conigliaro that had the pitch been two inches higher, he would have been dead)

Anthony Richard "Tony" Conigliaro
Boston Red Sox

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