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It's probably the most peaceful time in your life. You get to the plate and nothing is going through your mind. You see the ball, you see the seams. You don't think, "I'm going to get a hit," because you can't control that, but you know you're going to go out there and hit the ball hard somewhere.

Describing being in a groove

Jason Giambi
Oakland Athletics

If it had been a home run or triple, would people have remembered it? Not likely.

When asked about the long ball he hit to center field at the Polo Grounds in the 1954 World Series that resulted in 'The Catch' by Willie Mays

Vic Wertz
Cleveland Indians

After all these years, I don't aspire to be anybody but who I've always been. If there are young guys looking at me now, I just want them to see a guy who works hard, who has great respect for the game, who has team goals that matter. And you hope that's enough.

With the 2001 season getting underway
Jeffrey Robert "Jeff" Bagwell
Houston Astros

In baseball there's always tomorrow. Maybe you got me today, but tomorrow -- I'm coming back.

John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil
Kansas City Monarchs

There's a certain amount of luck, and a certain amount of talent. If you put it all together, you can have a big year like I had in '46 (batting .353). When you see the ball dropping just inside the foul lines instead of just outside them, or when you see fielders just missing balls instead of just catching them, then you know that it's luck that helps your average.

James Barton "Mickey" Vernon
Washington Senators

I've never been to Yankee Stadium. I've never played the Yankees all these years. I've always been in the National League, and, believe it or not, the Cubs have never played the Yankees in the postseason.

Playing for Arizona in 2001, a few days before the start of the World Series between the Diamondbacks and the Yankees

Mark Eugene Grace
Chicago Cubs

That was kind of funny. I heard we were in Mexico together drinking margaritas and talking about it, but when he was in Cabo, I never saw him. The only person I talked to was a bottle of Jack Daniels.

On the rumor that Mark McGwire personally was trying to sell free agent Giambi on playing for the Cardinals

Jason Giambi
Oakland Athletics

The Hall (of Fame) has lost some of its meaning and much of its glory in recent years. (It) should be reserved strictly for the best, for the ultra-ultra. To be a credit to the game of baseball, a man need not have got off a record number of wisecracks or assembled a record number of feature stories. There are a lot of colorful palookas. Today many of the so-called sluggers couldn't steal a base if they were alone in the park. They are not expected to throw too well or run too fast as long as they can belt the ball out of the park when their one moment of usefulness arrives. The idea of being a team member sometimes is lost completely.

In 1959
Joe "The Other Washington Monument" Judge
Washington Senators
Contributed by: Rich Bohn

I said, "I'd be pissed too, if a guy was throwing at my head like that." He thought that was pretty funny. It kind of lightened the mood.

Greeting Oakland's visibly upset Frank Menechino at first base after he'd been hit in the foot by Angels pitcher Scott Schoenweis for the second time in the game

Scott Spiezio
Anaheim Angels

Errors are part of my game. One night in Pittsburgh, 30,000 fans gave me a standing ovation when I caught a hot dog wrapper on the fly.

Dick "Dr. Strangeglove" Stuart
Pittsburgh Pirates

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