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What's a Chicago Cub?

Comment upon being drafted by the Cubs

Lee Arthur Smith, Jr.
Chicago Cubs
HOF 2019

Playing for Yogi is like playing for your father; playing for Billy is like playing for your father-in-law.

On Yankees Managers Yogi Berra and Billy Martin

Don Edward Baylor
Chicago Cubs

I don't know why we bought the Cubs. We already had a perfectly good company softball team.

After the Chicago Tribune Company bought the Cubs in 1981

Robert Verdi
Chicago Cubs

My favorite umpire is a dead one.

John Joseph "Johnny" Evers
Chicago Cubs
HOF 1947

This team makes your ulcers have a baby.

After a 10th inning victory during a race for a playoff spot late in the 1998 season.

Mark Eugene Grace
Chicago Cubs

It's not about money. It's about winning and getting over the hump. We've had the appetizer now, but we left the main course on the table.

Upon extending his contract after helping the Cubs reach the 1998 NLDS

Rodney Roy "Rod" Beck
Chicago Cubs

Probably the Cape. Alaska's too hot. I've seen that CNN weather map and it is located below Hawaii.

On being asked once if he would play baseball in Alaska or Cape Cod.

Brant Michael Brown
Chicago Cubs

Every fifth day he'd destroy a TV or a phone. That's why we called him 'Jason'.

On Danny Jackson's frequent clubhouse tirades

Mark Eugene Grace
Chicago Cubs

There's no trying in baseball. You either go out and do it, or you don't.

Jesus Manuel Marcano "Manny" Trillo
Chicago Cubs

There is one thing I will never believe, and that is the Sox are better than the Cubs.

After losing the 1906 World Series to the Chicago White Sox

Frank Leroy Chance
Chicago Cubs
HOF 1946; a.k.a. "The Peerless Leader"

Contributed by: Lee Gibbs

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