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You want to be that guy. You want to be the pitcher who closes it down. You want to put your foot in their neck. I guess it would almost be like an assassin's mentality. Trevor has it for sure.

On closer Trevor Hoffman

Dave Stewart
San Diego Padres
Pitching Coach

I have an idea what to do about the bullpen, napalm.

After his Mariners relief pitchers blew another lead late in the 1998 season

Stanley Wilson Williams
Seattle Mariners
Pitching Coach

They're probably making me look a whole lot smarter than I am.

On the Padres pitching staff midway through the 1998 playoffs. The staff had allowed just nine runs in six playoff games.

Dave Stewart
San Diego Padres
Pitching Coach

Mine was intense. Kevin's look is crazy. Sometimes, he does look a little crazy out there. I wouldn't know what a serial killer looks like, but he has a sort of a little smile on his face.

On Pitcher Keven Brown, and his game face.

Dave Stewart
San Diego Padres
Pitching Coach
The Bergen Record S-4 10-18-98

He didn't show what a rookie's supposed to show. You know, going crazy wild and throwing crap all over the place.

On the Braves' rookie pitcher Kevin Millwood

In 1999
Leo David Mazzone
Atlanta Braves
Pitching Coach

It's a totally different adrenaline rush when you're coming in from the pen....You have to be a mentally tough human being to come in when the game's on the line.

Oscar Carlos Acosta
Chicago Cubs
Pitching Coach

Other than strike one, it might be the most important pitch in baseball.

On the changeup

Richard Allen "Rick" Williams
Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Pitching Coach

A full season is like crossing an ocean. It's every day the same guys, same uniforms, same colors, and it's easy to get lost and lose your perspective before you reach the other shore seven months later. Helping people understand where they are along the way and what their recipe for success is, and being there to get them back on track when it slips away is my job.

Rick Peterson
Oakland Athletics
Pitching Coach

Years ago it was different. In today's world, for whatever reason, pitchers don't shake off catchers a whole lot. I like to see a pitcher who has a good enough understanding and feeling for the game that he knows what pitches he wants to throw in which situations....that no matter what the catcher puts down, it doesn't mean anything to you because you know what you want to do.

June, 2007
Lawrence Lee "Larry" Rothschild
Chicago Cubs
Pitching Coach

You can't just tell some guy he has to throw a slider. That's what they did to me. I had a helluva overhand curve when I first came up and they told me I had to throw a slider. So I worked on the slider until I lost my overhand curve. That taught me never to take a young pitcher and force him to come up with a new pitch. I give them their own head.

James Philip "Jim" Owens
Houston Astros
Pitching Coach

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