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When you're eight games behind, it's like eight miles; when you're eight games in front, it's like eight inches.

Ron Santo
Chicago Cubs

Slump? What are you talking about -- slump? You think a guy who hit over 500 home runs is in a slump? Give me a break. Next.

When asked in a pre-game conference about being in a slump (batting average of .229 spanning the preceding 30 days)

September 23, 2003
Sammy Sosa
Chicago Cubs

A lot of times my wife asks me that question. She always says [she gets] more nervous than [me] on the mound. I tell her when you drive a car and you're the driver, you know what to do, [like when] you go 100 m.p.h. in Venezuela. People in the passenger seat can be scared, but the guy who is driving the car is not scared. It's the same on the mound. I have confidence in my pitches. If I throw good pitches, they will not hit the ball.

Answering in English when asked after a game if he was nervous while pitching in the 8th inning with his team in a 4-1 lead and a man on first with two outs, the No. 3 hitter at the plate, and a pitch count of 120

July 20, 2006
Carlos Zambrano
Chicago Cubs

It's hard to put your finger on it. You have to have a dullness of mind and spirit to play here. I went through pyschoanalysis and that helped me deal with my Cubness.

Reflecting back on his years with the Chicago Cubs

James Patrick "Jim" Brosnan
Chicago Cubs

The only bad thing about being released by the Cubs is that they made me keep my season tickets.

Kenneth John "Ken" Reitz
Chicago Cubs

A teacher and a leader, he was all of that and more. He signed me to my first contract with the Cubs, and then he walked me into the Hall of Fame. He was the most positive person that I have ever been around. I transferred that into my life. What he did with his mind and his heart and his spirit...he wanted to bridge the gap of black baseball players playing in the major leagues. He scouted me and Lou Brock, Billy Williams, and just about every black player who played baseball back then. He scouted Pumpsie Green, who was the first black player for the Boston Red Sox, and Elston Howard, who was the first black player for the Yankees. He saw them and he identified their talent. He helped build my confidence so I would know what to do and what to say and where to go -- all of that. Then when he came to the Cubs as a coach, I was changing from shortstop to first base and he helped me make that transition. It was almost like he was put on this earth just for me. The travesty was that Buck O'Neil was not elected to baseball's Hall of Fame. All of those people whose lives he touched and played is a travesty. It really hurt my heart. It hurt me. I wish I could surrender my election to baseball's Hall of Fame to him, because I always felt that he deserved it more than I did.

Upon Buck O'Neil's death in October, 2006, and with reference to the 94-year-old falling one vote short of election to the Hall of Fame the preceding February

Ernie "Mr. Cub" Banks
Chicago Cubs

Years ago it was different. In today's world, for whatever reason, pitchers don't shake off catchers a whole lot. I like to see a pitcher who has a good enough understanding and feeling for the game that he knows what pitches he wants to throw in which situations....that no matter what the catcher puts down, it doesn't mean anything to you because you know what you want to do.

June, 2007
Lawrence Lee "Larry" Rothschild
Chicago Cubs
Pitching Coach

It was a tough first 10,000 wins. I hope the next 10,000 are easier.

Said with a chuckle after the Cubs became the second MLB team (after the Giants) to win 10,000 games

April 23, 2008
Ryan Stewart Theriot
Chicago Cubs

My focus at the plate is trying to get on base. A lot of people say they're trying to get a hit. I'm just trying to get on base. I'm going to make the pitcher throw me three strikes. If I get the first strike and it's a good one and that's what I want, I'll hit that one. For the most part, I want to make a pitcher work and I want to get a strike to hit. If I swing at strikes, I'll be successful.

Milton Obelle Bradley
Chicago Cubs

He was a good umpire if you didn't tell him so too often.

On arbiter Hank O'Day

John Joseph "Johnny" Evers
Chicago Cubs

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