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I don't know. I've never done it any other way.

When the Hall-Of-Famer was asked whether missing a finger on his throwing hand made it any harder to pitch successfully

Mordecai Peter Centennial "Three Fingers" Brown
Chicago Cubs

I never saw a ball hit so hard before or since. It's probably still going.

When pitching for Pittsburgh in 1935 against Babe Ruth who was then with the Braves, describing the home run he gave up, Ruth's last career dinger, which sailed over the roof of Forbes Field

Guy Terrell Bush
Chicago Cubs

I kind of look at it like an odometer. It just kind of rolls over. So now it's at one year instead of 101.

Upon the Cubs being mathematically eliminated from post-season contention, making it official that they'll go 101 years without a World Series title

Ryan Dempster
Chicago Cubs

The number of times a catcher is injured in a season is surprising. At one time in 1909, for example, George Gibson of the Pittsburgh Pirates had black and blue marks imprinted by nineteen foul tips upon his body, a damaged hand, a bruise on his hip six inches square where a thrown bat had struck, and three spike cuts. Yet he had not missed a game and was congratulating himself on his "luck."

In 1910
John Joseph "Johnny" Evers
Chicago Cubs

I'll have to get nervous all over again.

When his first opening day start was postponed to the next day due to weather

April 10, 1959
Robert Carl "Bob" Anderson
Chicago Cubs

I liked when he didn't talk for about an inning and a half. Then all of a sudden, he'd be like, "The 2-2." You were like, "Where were the other 15 pitches?"

Commenting on growing up listening to White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson

Jeffrey Alan "Jeff" Samardzija
Chicago Cubs

I owe baseball all that I have and much of what I hope to have. Baseball made my entrance to the film industry immeasurably easier than I could have made it alone. To the greatest game in the world, I shall be eternally in debt.

The television and movie actor attributing much of his success and career back to his baseball days during which he learned valuable lessons and teamwork

Kevin Joseph Aloysius "Chuck" Connors
Chicago Cubs
Well known for his television role in "The Rifleman"

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