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You'll never be a ballplayer. Take my advice, son, and forget about baseball. Get into some other kind of business.

To Yogi Berra before Berra signed with the Yankees

Wesley Branch Rickey
Brooklyn Dodgers
General Manager
HOF 1967

The Yankee Encyclopedia - 1996 - Mark Gallagher

He's been very talkative. But it is usually under oath.

On Chicago White Sox outfielder Albert Belle

Sandy Alderson
Oakland Athletics
General Manager

A great ballplayer is a player who will take a chance.

Wesley Branch Rickey
Brooklyn Dodgers
General Manager
HOF 1967

The minor leagues are more about entertainment. You have to be a baseball fan to enjoy major league baseball. We have a Disney philosophy on a large scale.

Ken Shepard
Atlantic City Surf
General Manager
independent Atlantic League

The Gashouse Gang was a group of ferocious gentlemen, willing to embrace the hazards of rational chance.

Describing the 1934 World Champions St. Louis Cardinals at a 25th anniversary banquet

In 1959
Wesley Branch Rickey
Brooklyn Dodgers
General Manager
HOF 1967

We're trying to figure out how to win with payrolls in the $20 million range. The best way to win is pitching and defense.

Upon acquiring LHP Steve Avery for the 1999 season

Jim Bowden
Cincinnati Reds
General Manager

Luck is the residue of design.

Wesley Branch Rickey
Brooklyn Dodgers
General Manager
HOF 1967

Contributed by: Jay Skeldon

Right now he can't hit the batting cage.

On former Braves reliever Mark Wohlers

Joe Garagiola Jr.
Arizona Diamondbacks
General Manager

It's universally felt in our business this year that the demand for pitching outpaces the supply. There just aren't that many good guys out there.

A modern-time reflection on an age-old baseball sentiment

December 1999
Edward Francis "Ed" Lynch
Chicago Cubs
General Manager
Former MLB pitcher

There's one good tradeoff for the Texas Rangers: Now we only have to face him in spring training.

On Ken Griffey Jr. shifting to the National League

Doug Melvin
Texas Rangers
General Manager

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