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Of course you can. You could trade him to the New York Yankees for Tino Martinez and Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada and El Duque. Yeah, that's a pretty good trade, isn't it?

Whether the Cubs could improve themselves by trading Sammy Sosa

June, 2000
Mark Eugene Grace
Chicago Cubs

I'm not thinking about age. I'm thinking about the game and what I need to do. Age doesn't matter. If you can do it, you can do it. I think I took the right attitude into the season (at Class AAA) and kept it every start. I didn't change. I just wanted to attack hitters.

Upon becoming the youngest player in the majors (age 20) and appearing unfazed prior to making his debut

July 2000
Jon Steven Garland
Chicago White Sox

What a hell of a league this is. I hit .387, .408, and .395 the last three years and I ain't won nothin' yet!

After the 1912 season

Joseph Jefferson "Shoeless Joe" Jackson
Chicago White Sox
Contributed by: Lee Gibbs

You don't think about where your hands should be. You don't try to guess what the next pitch will be. You don't worry about anything. You just stand there and react. You look for the ball, and you hit the ball. It's really simple.

Describing what it is to be in a zone

Jermaine Dye
Chicago White Sox

He threw one in my wheelhouse, and being the power hitter that I am, I hit it over the fence like I usually do.

Taking a ride on the sarcasm train after hitting his eighth home run of the season

July 25, 2000
Mark Eugene Grace
Chicago Cubs

I couldn't resist. I had such a great jump on the pitcher.

Upon making a great steal of third base, unfortunately while it was already occupied

Louis Alexander "Lou" Novikoff
Chicago Cubs
a.k.a. "The Mad Russian"

If you're cold, you can have a bad week in one day.

On double-headers and the prospect of going 0 for 8 in one afternoon being harder on the psyche than two consecutive days of 0 for 4

Gregory Lee "Greg" Walker
Chicago White Sox

It is to our advantage, but we have to watch for teams who are out of it. Guys playing for nothing but a job are dangerous. They're playing at a higher level.

On having home-field advantage during a Division Title race in September

Frank Thomas
Chicago White Sox

I really hate long innings as far as my pitchers are concerned. They have to sit, and their bodies get cold. Sometimes it's hard for them to get back on track and focus when they come out to pitch again.

Describing a drawback to a long inning at bat despite the runs being scored by your team

Charles Johnson
Chicago White Sox

You don't score runs, you don't win.

Michael Robert "Mike" Sirotka
Chicago White Sox

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