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You're going from playing before 40,000 screaming people to hearing nothing but the crickets in the trees.

Describing being demoted to the minors

Alan Zinter
Chicago Cubs

When I was a young guy, I knew to keep my mouth shut. That's the way it was. But guys are not like that anymore. Guys are loud as soon as they get here these days. That's the difference.

Noting how ten years earlier a rookie would never poke fun at a veteran in the clubhouse

Spring, 2000
Frank Thomas
Chicago White Sox

I'm here to play 162. I'm scared to take a day off. The day I take off is the day I can go 5 for 5. Nobody can take me out of there. Nope. That's the way it's got to be.

Sammy Sosa
Chicago Cubs

Everybody says (Rod) Carew was the best left-handed (A.L.) hitter in the 1960's and '70's. But (Tony) Oliva could hit like Carew and he did it with power.

William Edwin "Bill" Melton
Chicago White Sox

It's a totally different adrenaline rush when you're coming in from the pen....You have to be a mentally tough human being to come in when the game's on the line.

Oscar Acosta
Chicago Cubs
Pitching Coach

He was electric. He's too young and stupid to understand what he just did. He's just a baby. He's only 20, for crying out loud.

on Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout game, May 5, 1998.

Mark Eugene Grace
Chicago Cubs
Contributed by: Jonathan Chapman

They should just start the games in the eighth or ninth inning here. That's when all the wierd things start happening.

After an extra-inning victory that was made possible by scoring five runs on one hit in the ninth

May 10, 2000
Ricky Gutierrez
Chicago Cubs

I always had a distinct hate for the Dodgers myself. Most of the guys were banty rooster types, "We're the Dodgers" types...(Pee Wee) Reese was a hell of a ball player, great ball player, but he was one of the best agitators in the world. And Gene Mauch, he was one of those little banty roosters, too. Mauch was just like all those other little guys. There are very few tiny men in sports that aren't cocky as hell or tough as hell, one or the other.

Robert Howard "Bobby" Sturgeon
Chicago Cubs

I owe him a lot. Nobody would know how good I was at digging balls out of the dirt if it wasn't for him and all those bad throws.

On Shawon Dunston

Mark Eugene Grace
Chicago Cubs

I was up there to get a hit. I wasn't trying to get hit.

On his MLB record 267 hit-by-pitches over his 19-season playing career

Don Edward Baylor
Chicago Cubs

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