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Years ago it was different. In today's world, for whatever reason, pitchers don't shake off catchers a whole lot. I like to see a pitcher who has a good enough understanding and feeling for the game that he knows what pitches he wants to throw in which situations....that no matter what the catcher puts down, it doesn't mean anything to you because you know what you want to do.

June, 2007
Lawrence Lee "Larry" Rothschild
Chicago Cubs
Pitching Coach

Having a little chip on your shoulder, a little arrogance with yourself. That's what I think is the little intangible that helps you win.

February 18, 2008
James Howard "Jim" Thome
Chicago White Sox

I don't care. I'm plenty warm in the dugout. I was mad when I had to go out and argue with the umpires because I had to leave the heater.

Chicago Manager Ozzie Guillen, on the cold weather that greeted the White Sox for their season opener in Cleveland

April 12, 2008
Oswaldo Jose "Ozzie" Guillen
Chicago White Sox
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

It was a tough first 10,000 wins. I hope the next 10,000 are easier.

Said with a chuckle after the Cubs became the second MLB team (after the Giants) to win 10,000 games

April 23, 2008
Ryan Stewart Theriot
Chicago Cubs

I know, Jim, but the outfielders are.

When pitcher Jim Kern was taken out of a game despite Kern insisting that he wasn't tired

Late 1970's when he managed Cleveland
Jeffrey Allen "Jeff" Torborg
Chicago White Sox

People are reading "War And Peace" in between pitches.

Doing radio play-by-play, describing the pace of Cleveland Indians pitcher Rafael Betancourt

September 28, 2008
Edward Joseph "Ed" Farmer
Chicago White Sox

My focus at the plate is trying to get on base. A lot of people say they're trying to get a hit. I'm just trying to get on base. I'm going to make the pitcher throw me three strikes. If I get the first strike and it's a good one and that's what I want, I'll hit that one. For the most part, I want to make a pitcher work and I want to get a strike to hit. If I swing at strikes, I'll be successful.

Milton Obelle Bradley
Chicago Cubs

The greatest second baseman of them all; he could lay on his stomach and throw a hundred yards.

On teammate Fred Pfeffer

Michael Joseph "King" Kelly
Chicago White Stockings

He was a good umpire if you didn't tell him so too often.

On arbiter Hank O'Day

John Joseph "Johnny" Evers
Chicago Cubs

I don't know. I've never done it any other way.

When the Hall-Of-Famer was asked whether missing a finger on his throwing hand made it any harder to pitch successfully

Mordecai Peter Centennial "Three Fingers" Brown
Chicago Cubs

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