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If he had, I would have knocked him down with the next pitch.

In a discussion of Babe Ruth's supposed "called shot" in the 1932 World Series, addressing whether Ruth had in fact pointed in the direction of the bleachers

Charles Henry "Charley" Root
Chicago Cubs

I focus on making that one pitch. That's what I tell myself, "One pitch." You can't worry about the next one. Even with a good hitter, he'll get out seven times out of ten. I want to make sure that this is one of those seven.

Describing his passion for protecting a one-run or two-run lead when one pitch can make all the difference

Tom "Flash" Gordon
Chicago Cubs
Relief Pitcher

I lost the ball in the moon.

To manager Frank Frisch during a night game after pursuing and calling for a fly ball which landed 20 feet in front of him

Hank Sauer
Chicago Cubs

The chalk lines which enclose the coaching boxes were added to the field diagram after Charles Comiskey had demonstrated their necessity. Comiskey and (fellow coach) Bill Gleason used to plant themselves on each side of the visiting catcher and comment on his breeding, personal habits, and skill as a receiver, or rather lack of it. This solicitous attention did not add to the efficiency of the backstop, so for the sake of not unduly increasing the population of the insane asylums or encouraging justifiable homicide, the coacher's box was invented. This helped out the catcher, but the pitcher and other players on the opposing team were still at the mercy of Comiskey, and I know of no man who had a sharper tongue, who was in command of more biting sarcasm, or who was quicker at repartee.

Reflecting back on Charles Comiskey's coaching days during the 1880's and 1890's and one of his "contributions" to the game of baseball

Around 1910
James A. Hart
Chicago Cubs

It is a wonderful combination -- the greatest team I ever had. I can't pick out individuals because they are all giants in baseball. It is by all odds the greatest team in the American League. I couldn't pass a higher compliment. I can afford to single out one, Kid Gleason, because he is a manager. He has kept pace with the team and that means something. It is the best bunch of fighters I ever saw. No game is lost until the last man is out. They can think for themselves which is still better. To say that I am proud of them is putting it mildly. They have been setting the pace most of the time and no other team deserves being in front more than they.

Describing his team as it was about to win the AL pennant (eight team members subsequently became involved in the Black Sox Scandal)

In 1919
Charles A. "The Old Roman" Comiskey
Chicago White Sox

When you're eight games behind, it's like eight miles; when you're eight games in front, it's like eight inches.

Ron Santo
Chicago Cubs

I started fouling off his pitches. I took a pitch every now and then. Pretty soon, after 24 fouls, old Red could hardly lift his arm and I walked. That's when they took him out of the game and he cussed me all the way to the dugout.

Describing his achievement of the record for number of foul balls in a plate appearance during a 1940 game against the Yankees and pitcher Red Ruffing

Lucius Benjamin "Luke" Appling
Chicago White Sox

Slump? What are you talking about -- slump? You think a guy who hit over 500 home runs is in a slump? Give me a break. Next.

When asked in a pre-game conference about being in a slump (batting average of .229 spanning the preceding 30 days)

September 23, 2003
Sammy Sosa
Chicago Cubs

If this is the best job in baseball, then why do you guys get gray hair and fat so quickly?

Prior to his first season as manager, the 40-year-old reacting to a couple of veteran managers who'd stated that managing was the best job in baseball

December, 2003
Oswaldo Jose "Ozzie" Guillen
Chicago White Sox

Seriously, I'm gonna need a glove.

After being advised that he would start the day's ballgame at 3B for the first time in his major league career due to a player injury and following up his first reply that he'd need a glove in order to do so, to the laughter of his teammates at the breakfast table

April 27, 2005
Christopher Jon "Chris" Widger
Chicago White Sox

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