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If you don't get offense in the American League, you give a mediocre pitcher an opportunity to beat you.

Jerry Manuel
Chicago White Sox

There is one thing I will never believe, and that is the Sox are better than the Cubs.

After losing the 1906 World Series to the Chicago White Sox

Frank Chance
Chicago Cubs
Manager and First Base
Contributed by: Lee Gibbs

They can't kick you out of the Hall of Fame, can they?

After the 1999 season, on the risks of possibly being selected to manage the Cubs, who finished the season with the second-worst record in the league followed by the dismissal of their manager

Billy Leo Williams
Chicago Cubs

It's Wrigley Field, it's the fans, it's the opportunity to manage the Chicago Cubs. That's a team that's recognized all over the world. You don't get that opportunity too many times. I was looking for a team that can make a difference, a team a town can rally around.

On becoming Manager of the Cubs in October, 1999

Don Edward Baylor
Chicago Cubs

I'm looking forward to playing for him. Hopefully he'll get to manage some real baseball now. Coors Field is not real baseball.

With reference to new Cubs Manager Don Baylor's managing experience with the Colorado Rockies

November 1, 1999
Mark Eugene Grace
Chicago Cubs

I think too much on the mound sometimes, and I get brain cramps.

Robert Britt Burns
Chicago White Sox

If a horse can't eat it, then I don't like it

About artificial turf

Richard Anthony "Dick" Allen
Chicago White Sox
a.k.a. Richie Allen

Contributed by: Jeremy Sandler

You must try to generate happiness within yourself.  If you aren't happy in one place, chances are you won't be happy anyplace.

Ernie "Mr. Cub" Banks
Chicago Cubs
Contributed by: Robert Ford

It's universally felt in our business this year that the demand for pitching outpaces the supply. There just aren't that many good guys out there.

A modern-time reflection on an age-old baseball sentiment

December 1999
Ed Lynch
Chicago Cubs
General Manager

I'd rather catch him.

On whether he would want to hit off fastballer Goose Gossage

Jeffrey Allen "Jeff" Torborg
Chicago White Sox

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