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We accidently won too many games last year.

On why the team failed in 1998 after a promising 1997 season

John McHale
Detroit Tigers

I'm still not sure (Collins) was the problem down there. It's more like a day-care center than a major-league clubhouse. Somebody said to me, 'You can't trade 25 guys.' I said, 'Why not?'

In shifting the blame for a sub-.400 last place 1999 season from fired Manager Terry Collins to the players

Tony Tavares
Anaheim Angels

Use of the video replay is not an acceptable practice. Pulli was acting in good faith but made a mistake.

Commenting after NL Umpire Frank Pulli changed a call of home run to double after deferring to an instant replay

Len Coleman
None None
National League

The chalk lines which enclose the coaching boxes were added to the field diagram after Charles Comiskey had demonstrated their necessity. Comiskey and (fellow coach) Bill Gleason used to plant themselves on each side of the visiting catcher and comment on his breeding, personal habits, and skill as a receiver, or rather lack of it. This solicitous attention did not add to the efficiency of the backstop, so for the sake of not unduly increasing the population of the insane asylums or encouraging justifiable homicide, the coacher's box was invented. This helped out the catcher, but the pitcher and other players on the opposing team were still at the mercy of Comiskey, and I know of no man who had a sharper tongue, who was in command of more biting sarcasm, or who was quicker at repartee.

Reflecting back on Charles Comiskey's coaching days during the 1880's and 1890's and one of his "contributions" to the game of baseball

Around 1910
James A. Hart
Chicago Cubs

Baseball isn't a business, it's more like a disease.

Walter O'Malley
Brooklyn Dodgers
HOF 2008

It's like what they talk about in baseball as a mystical kind of experience; a patch of green in the middle of a city where you can withdraw and your cares go away.

Describing his feelings on the Bisons' home stadium, Pilot Field, in downtown Buffalo

Bob Rich, Jr.
Buffalo Bisons
Class AAA International League

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